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TFCC of the Year Awards & Heritage Gala 2019

June 14, 2019
Max’s Restaurant Calgary
6 pm
$25 with Dinner


To recognize the importance of the Filipino-Canadian Professionals and their
contribution to Canada’s economic development and image as a free and welcoming country.

To celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow countrymen by recognizing their hard work and dedication to their respective careers.

To bring the community together by inspiring them through the recognition of our outstanding professionals.

To carry out TFCC’s Core mission – Connect, Share, Inspire.

To live TFCC’s values – RICE- Respect, Integrity, Community, Excellence

Why is this important?

TFCC has been a platform for outstanding Filipinos in Canada who have achieved great achievements for themselves and for their community.

June is Canada’s Philippine Heritage Month. Part of our heritage is hard work, dedication to our careers, and providing excellent value to the organizations we work for. This is part of our culture.

This is part of our heritage that we want to celebrate and focus on. Filipinos are more than just the different cultures from different islands, or the unique foods we prepare, or the dances that we perform. Our culture is that of progress, contribution, industry, hard work, and leadership.

The Filipinos are one of the biggest sources of labor force for Canada. It is the fastest growing ethnic group. From the fast food restaurants, hospitality industries, medical, engineering to telecommunications, Filipinos are present.

It is time that we celebrate the men and women who get up each working day to represent themselves and their community. This is what the TFCC of the Year Award is about.

Celebrate with us.

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