About Us

Who are we? 

We are highly positive individuals who want to connect with our fellow Filipinos in Canada by sharing our success stories, talents, knowledge and skills to inspire each and everyone of us to be the best that we can be.


We believe that as Filipinos living and working in Canada, each and everyone has a story to tell. Coming from halfway across the globe is not an easy feat. Surviving the odds of moving to a new country, adjusting to a diverse culture, learning and unlearning ways of existing and co-existing is both challenging and interesting. 

As the famous saying goes, nothing happens by accident. You and I are here for a reason. It is not just our destiny but our calling. Behind those sacrifices, there is something of the marvelous that happened. Something inspiring has emerged. A new mind, a new soul, a better being.

That is what makes us The Filipino Champions in Canada.


Like any other story, there is a character. You and I are the characters here! Real people! Real life! Real story! Let’s tell our story the way we do – straight from our hearts.

Let’s connect, share and inspire.


To provide a mutually supportive, collaborative, and positive forum for Filipinos in Canada so we can have an opportunity to connect with one another, share our achievements as well our challenges, and inspire one another to become productive members of building a better Canadian society.


To see empowered Filipinos reach their full potential and realize their dream in Canada. We want them to believe that as equal members of the Canadian society, they have it within themselves to become better individuals and become better leaders at work and



As an equal member of the Canadian society, we respect all individuals of all cultures and background.
We do what we say, and we expect this with our members, partners, and sponsors.
We are committed to creating a better Filipino community, and committed to play a role in building a better Canadian society.
We strive to be excellent in what we do with our members, sponsors.